Top 10 Quotes of Life

Life is not a problem to solve, rather it is a beautiful gift to enjoy and celebrate. We are given such an amazing life on this exotic planet where we can do a lot of activities and explore ourselves. But sometimes phases come in our life when we feel demotivated and harsher. In such situation we feel empty and don’t find any direction to move ahead in our life. To tackle that situation we need a power pack of positivity and motivation. Motivation is most needed to have a beautiful and contented life. To have a positive approach to life we have a collection of some of the best quotes of life. 


What to do when your bored

Boredom a phase where our mind get upset doing everyday chores and surrounded by loneliness. It is like a disease that sticks to our mind when we are depressed and apathetic. The question that arises is how to curb the disease? Well it is simple first of all find the root cause of your problem. What to do when your bored, this question rise in mind when we feel tired, bored and when we feel sick.

Fun Things to do when your bored

Bored to death, Bored to Tears, Weariness and bored to stiffness all of these come from a common source Boredom. For our mind it’s a criminal and needs to be killed. Every other human being uses their own weapon.  


How to Buy Bit Coins With Paypal Credit Card

Bit coins are the virtual money. These are the coins used for the transaction with using internet. These are used as the currency for the virtual world trade. It can be buying with PayPal but having the risk of payment. There are the some points given below which you must follow before buying the bit coins with PayPal credit card.

You can buy the bit coins with VirWox. It limits the value for the new user initially due to the risk factor in it. This service has the more transition fees and delays up to 2 days. After two days, if you don’t get your bit coins then you can make the query at

Steps you have to follow in buying the bit coins with paypal credit card
  • Open VirWoX home page through
  • You will see the page the registration page and click on the option ‘not registered yet’.
  • You will have the registration page in front of you, where you have to fill all the required personal details.
  • After filing the login details and personal details click on the register button.
  • After the registration check the confirmation mail in mail box and login your VirWoX account with the given password.
  • Change the password immediately after login for the security purpose.
  • Now you will see a bar on the left side with the given options. Choose deposit option from there and pick PayPal express and fund the USD you want to.
  • Now you have to pay some fee for every transaction. So be careful about that.
  • You can exchange your USD with any currency. You have to buy SLL (Second Life Lindens) which will be soon replaced with bit coins.
  • Go to the exchange bar and exchange the SLL with BTC.
  • As above mentioned this process may take the time of two days.
  • Once you have bit coins in your account and withdraw them and send them to your wallet.

How to Buy Car Insurance Online

A car is much more than your transport companion. For many, a car is beloved as a part of the family. Insurance of car is essential to cover up all the accident, theft related damage to the car. You are usually surrounded with the agents or television advertising which promises you giving the best car insurance with the low premium. Any of advertising and stuck the idea of buying a car insurance. 

When you are ready to buy the car insurance you must know all the facts and figures of buying the car insurance and cautions of it. 


What Things Never Changing

It is said that everything gets change with time. But still there are a lot of things which time has not changed. Since the evolution of humans on earth everything gets changed and continues to change. But still there are a lot of things on earth which are stable. This is very interesting to know that what are those things on which time don’t have the impact and things which remained unchanged. 

Top Ten Motivational Quotes

Times comes in our life when we get demotivate with our failures or with something wrong happens to us. This leads to the constant breakdown of our courage and determination. In those downfalls of life we have to stay strong and motivated. Quotes are the wording which really helps us to stay strong. When we relate quotes wording to us then they really help in providing the mental support to us and all they give us the courage not to fall down in our life and go ahead by keeping the positive attitude within us. 

Ways to Be More Innovative At Work

Work with the twist innovation can really hike your work performance. It is the demand of every work field that the employees of it must be innovative and have a positive attitude towards the work. Saying is very easy than the execution. Because when we have to execute a work we find a lot of hurdles which we have to cross in order to do the work properly.  


What Things to do When Your Bored with No Money

We usually think to curb our boredom by spending money on ordering something to eat, going for shopping or watching money. These are expensive ways of killing the boredom. If you are also feeling bored and trying to find out the ways of removing the boredom without money then here are some ways given.

How to Woo a Girl

You want to impress a girl then there are very easy ways with which you can woo a girl. It is not too difficult to woo a girl just be natural to her and try to make her fall for you with the simple steps which are given below.

15 Reasons Why You Should Not be Proud of Being Busy

Being busy is quite good in term as you engage yourself in some work and don’t let yourself feel the Boredom. Sometimes you feel happy that you have a busy life and you need to face the boredom. But in Spite the fact you should not feel so proud over your busy schedule. As being busy you may not get the time for other activities which are also essential for you. 

10 Interesting Ideas to Get Kids to Eat Fruits

All kids keep a moody attitude. ‘I will not eat this, I will not eat that’. Every parent may be familiar with these arguments with children. Many kids don’t like to eat fruit rather they like to have snacks and fast food. Yet it is not so difficult for parents to encourage their kids to develop a habit of eating fruits. 

9 Hobbies Anyone Can Master in Year 2015

Hobbies are the set of things that you do in your free time. Everyone has hobbies like playing, listening music, painting etc. There are hobbies like writing or cooking which can make someone’s career. These are associated with name, fame and money. So you must checkout your hobby and try to master in it. This year make a resolution to get master in these. 

Top Twenty Comedy Sitcoms of All Time

You must have heard “Laughter is the best medicine but if you laugh without reason then you need medicine!” So here we are to give you twenty sources for your reasonable laughter (wink). These sitcoms will never allow you to be bored. Rather you will be addicted to them so much that you may even end up taking a leave to finish the series. 

50 Things to Do at Home When You Feel Bored

Locked up in your house and getting bored? Here is a list of interesting things to do when you are bored!

Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

Remember how, when you were a kid, parents used to organize parties for you and gather all your friends on your birthday. Lots of gifts, lots of delicious food and lots of friends were the main ingredients of your birthday. That sure was fun! Today you feel it is just another day of the year. Lost all enthusiasm and liveliness, you go around doing your regular chores of the day. 

How to do Nail Art Designs for Beginners at Home

Pampering yourself can be the best way to spend your leisure hours. If you do start, you will know that a small minuscule part of body like nail itself can take 2 hours. But then nails are also the part where you can be all creative and crazy. The small platforms provide for a wide scope of creativity and hence it is rightly called an art. 


Top Ten Exercises to Cut Your Tummy Fat.

Out of all the parts of the body, the tummy gets the fat first and looses it in the last. Reducing tummy is a very difficult task. But worry not! We will make it simple for you. There are a number of fun exercises to reduce the fat around belly. 


How to Start and Maintain a Kitchen Herb Garden

Investing in kitchen can be a great way to kill time when you are bored. It is creative, useful and adds green to your kitchen. All of us use herbs in our cooking. We know what a fresh herb can do to the food’s aroma and taste. Fresh herbs not only add freshness to the food but are way more aromatic and flavorful than the dried ones. 

Plan A Road Trip

While driving your car, you see someone on a bike, riding his way through the traffic. And then a string of thoughts follow. “Where is he going? May be on a road trip. It has been so long I have planned such a trip”. And there you are missing your old bike. Going on a road trip with your old buddy, i.e. your bike makes for one of the most exciting weekend you can hope for. 


Top 10 Movies on Demand

Bored to death and don’t know what to do? The best activity to kill time is watching movies. It needs no work, no effort and is a good option if you are tired after office hours and there is still time in going to bed. So here we enlist the top 10 movies of all time, to reduce even the minuscule effort of searching and deciding upon the movie. 


Cook For A Small Get Together

So you are bored. Why not call your friends in the evening? Oh, what to do the rest of the day? Cook for them! Cooking is an art and like any other art, it thaws the soul, lightens and brightens the day! The colorful eye-soothing ingredients transforming into aromatic delicious food over the flame gives a feeling of accomplishment.